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CrystalNinja Throwing Star
Did you know a rhinestone pick up tool could have a US Patent?
Well, Kellie DeFries, owner of Crystal Ninja, LLC has earned
6 United States Patents on the amazing Crystal Katana tool,
Titled: Double ended hand tool
It is a synthetic wax pick up tool that easily picks up rhinestones
or embellishments and helps you place them into glue or adhesive. 
You can find more information on these
Patents on the USPTO.gov website.
 D867838  |  D867839
Here is an easy guide to help decifer if you have genuine
CrystalNinja, Crystal Katana tool or an infringing item.
Crystal Ninja Holds 6 US Patents for the Crystal Katana tool
We understand there are many lovely small businesses
selling infringing tools without knowlege of this.
Hopefully this page can politely educate them to
discontinue these sales.
Feel free to share this page with anyone.
CrystalNinja Throwing Star
If you are selling any of these infringing tools from the photo above,
you may be included in a suit filed from our legal team.
We first would like to work out an understanding that all sales of
this infringing tool stop immediately and an agreement reached for compensation.
This compensation is not to make profit, but to
pay for the expensive lawyers to defend our brand. 
CrystalNinja Throwing Star
If you have an idea for an invention or would like more
information on copyrights, trademarks and patents, please
check out www.uspto.com and also seek legal representation
to protect your hard work and brand.
There is room for everyone to succeed and
we support all that want to do it the correct way.