About Us


Head NinjaNeer

Kellie DeFries is CEO, Founder with over 30 years being artsy fartsy. She shares knowlege of all things sparkly, snacks and everything except her Sharpie markers. SHe also used to be a First Class Journeyman in Welding.

The Real Boss

Suzie Petersen is the Glue that holds us ALL together! We could not be here without her Mad Ninja Business Mind and who else can whip up a fully lit custom Cosplay in 2days! Get out of her way becuase she has one LEAD FOOT and misses her Corvette!

The International Guru

Steve Bernier has Ninja Gluing skills like no other and keeps us in check with his sharp wit and slick dance moves. He has been around the world studying the arts and you may or may not have seen him Star on Broadway as Mr. Mistoffelees!
(oh yeah- you HAVE!)

Her name is Crystal!

Crystal Varela is an all around detail Ninja! She brings incredible military style and attention to the little things to keep us in line. She is head of our Crystal Katana tool production line!

Eleanor or snore?

Our newest not so little ninjaneer stays busy shredding boxes keeping us on our recylcing game!

Secret Ninja

works behind the scenes and keeps a very low profile.