Samurai Glue Kit
Samurai Glue Kit
Samurai Glue Kit
Samurai Glue Kit
Samurai Glue Kit
Samurai Glue Kit

Samurai Glue Kit

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For many years, the CrystalNinja team has tested and tested glues and processes for the ever-elusive solution for adhering to *Foam Rubber and *Silicone items! This specially curated kit includes everything you will need to prep and bond your embellishments onto hard to glue surfaces such as CROCS! This Kit includes a tray for glue, nail file, alcohol wipes, ninja dart (glue dauber), glue, and primer. The inability to find a gluing solution is the scourge to all Ninjaneers - and we have discovered the answer!

*Always Test your items. There are many types of Foam rubber, rubber and silicone that may not work.

Items in the Kit:

Prep Kit, Glue Tray, Glue Applicator, Sanding File, and Alcohol wipes
Glue & Primer

(this kit does NOT include a Crystal Katana or any other embellishment pick-up tool; no crystals are included in this kit)

How to Bling a Silicone Watchband!

How to bling CrocsHow to Bling Silicone

How to bling Jibbitz

OTHER helpful INFO:

In addition to the the Samurai Glue Kit,
I wanted to share other helpful items you can see used in the demo video.

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A basic Prep kit is included, but for faster, more productive results a hand rotary tool is great. I have an old Dremel Stylus (not available) but this is the next bets, wireless design. Dremel Lite.


Once a stone is adhered to, removing it is quite difficult so I like to keep inexpensive cuticle nippers handy. USE CAUTION! SHARP!

Large Alcohol Wipes:

The small, USB fan we keep on all desks:

and.... the canvas is.... CROCS! lol

Here is a fun class on Silicone Wine Tumblers,
from the TumblerHacks101 group on Facebook

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