Samurai Glue Kit
Samurai Glue Kit
Samurai Glue Kit
Samurai Glue Kit
Samurai Glue Kit
Samurai Glue Kit

Samurai Glue Kit

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For many years, the CrystalNinja team has tested and tested glues and processes for the ever-elusive solution for adhering to *Foam Rubber and *Silicone items! This specially curated kit includes everything you will need to prep and bond your embellishments onto hard to glue surfaces such as CROCS! This Kit includes a tray for glue, nail file, alcohol wipes, ninja dart (glue dauber), glue, and primer. The inability to find a gluing solution is the scourge to all Ninjaneers - and we have discovered the answer!

*Always Test your items. There are many types of Foam rubber, rubber and silicone that may not work.

Items in the Kit:

Prep Kit, Glue Tray, Glue Applicator, Sanding File, and Alcohol wipes
Glue & Primer

(this kit does NOT include a Crystal Katana or any other embellishment pick-up tool; no crystals are included in this kit)

How to Bling a Silicone Watchband!

How to bling CrocsHow to Bling Silicone

How to bling Jibbitz

OTHER helpful INFO:

In addition to the the Samurai Glue Kit,
I wanted to share other helpful items you can see used in the demo video.

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A basic Prep kit is included, but for faster, more productive results a hand rotary tool is great. I have an old Dremel Stylus (not available) but this is the next bets, wireless design. Dremel Lite.


Once a stone is adhered to, removing it is quite difficult so I like to keep inexpensive cuticle nippers handy. USE CAUTION! SHARP!

Large Alcohol Wipes:

The small, USB fan we keep on all desks:

and.... the canvas is.... CROCS! lol

Here is a fun class on Silicone Wine Tumblers,
from the TumblerHacks101 group on Facebook

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
The best!

Finding this glue was like finding gold! It is perfect to use for making crocs and I haven’t had no issues with rhinestones coming off! I have thrown my crocs around stepped on them and bent them and still nothing came off and dry quick! Will be racking up on this glue

Ashley Rudolph
Love it!

There is a definite learning curve with this glue! Once you get the hang of it, it's amazing! I would not recommend this type of project for beginners. I found I had to move quick and ensure my prep was done correctly. Too much or too little glue affected how the stones stayed in place, but again-- once I got the hang of it my phone case looked stunning!

Yvonne Cusack

I paid for 1 day shipping! Only to get a notice telling me it will be 4-6 days to receive my order. My shipping fees need to be refunded

Sarita Smith

I've been waiting to get this and I'm sooooo excited

Yolanda Elise Price


Shulainy Torres
Not worth it

Bought this glue because I watched their youtube video that showed it was really really difficult for the rhinestones to come off of crocs just to find out it was basically clickbait :/ The rhinestones were still able to fall off with minor movement.

Randi Mills
Maybe I got a bad batch.

So I was so excited to get this and try it. I’ve tried multiple bands, priming every 3rd stone priming every stone even tried Reagan sing the bands again and retrying but I’m still having issues with the stones coming off even when placed far apart. Did everything customer service recommended but still having issues even with my authentic apple watch bands

Christina Stowe
Crystal Fun!

Easy to use and happy with the customer service!

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