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Ninja SuperFlex, #1155 10g

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Here it is! I have tested and tested and tested some more and finally, I am happy with the great results of the New, NINJA SUPERFLEX!

This is an EXPERT Level glue. It is a TWO-Part Instant glue.

1 min working time, 5 min cure time. Comes with 3 Static Mixing Tips.

Absorbs Vibrations & Impacts. 200x the flex! CrystalNinja Approved! Non-Toxic, Non-Irritant & foam-safe! To be used on: Rubber, Metals, Crystal, Plastics, Leather, Wood, and more!



1 Syringe with Plunger + 3 Static Mixer Tips.

Extra Tips Available!

The All-New Ninja SuperFlex is the ultimate adhesive for the most demanding jobs. Absorbs Vibrations & Impacts. 200x the flex! CrystalNinja Approved! Non-Toxic, Non-Irritant & Foam-safe!

To be used on: Rubbers, Metals, Crystal, Plastics, Leather, Wood and more!

Key Notes: Make sure to keep the black seal stopper on the syringe when not in use. Remove the plunger when not using and remove the static mixing tip and twist close the syringe mouth cap to prevent the glue from drying out. When applying and using glue, keep the adhesive moving through the static mixer every 20-30 seconds. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please store in a cool dark place. The glue will cure in the cartridge when exposed to heat.  As with most adhesives, glues of this type will become ineffective if not used within approximately 1 year.


SDS SHEET Part A & Part B

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Heather Kosmicky

Hated how it dried so fast and wasn’t able to use do to epoxy drying in the tips. Unfortunately, too much work for rhinestoning.

Hello Heather,
I am sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with our Ninja SuperFlex glue. We make every attempt to be clear in our product descriptions to educate our customer. This glue is listed as instant and expert level. I hope you reconsider giving it another try on another project. It does make all of the difference when you need an instant bond to keep your project moving.


I will say this glue is great! There is definitely a learning curve to it because of its fast set but the glue itself is a great clue.

Charmain Fernandes-
Love your stuff

Ordering from your store is always fun and exciting. My orders comes packaged very nicely and in a timely fashion.

LeiLani Dixon

not yet

Heriberto Oquendo, Jr.
This catapulted my bling journey!!

I am fairly new to “blinging” and I saw the video of this glue and I said to myself that I needed to try it. I used it to glue on irregular shaped plastic items on my tumblers, it cut my project time short as it sets so quickly! I loved using this glue and I plan on purchasing more!

So excited to begin my blinging journey and I am happy to have crystal ninja supplies to make my trip worthwhile!

My recommendation: PLAN your project before hand as it does set up quick!

Linda Harrison

Love this adhesive….put crystals on my son’s bike and they have held for many months now!

Guin Deadman

Seriously amazing glue!!!

Dennis Kristi

This is the best glue I have found to adhere rhinestones to faux nails. I would give it 5 stars if it came with more static mixing tips. This was my first time using this glue and I thought I was working fast (I had my gems set up and ready to go) but apparently not fast enough because the glue cured extremely fast and I wasted my first static mixer tip. It only comes with 3 tips so until I decide if I should bother with purchasing more tips, I bought a different glue to use. It doesn't require tips and works well just not as quick as the SuperFlex. I'm trying to figure if bothering with purchasing tips outweighs waiting a few more seconds of curing.

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