Speed Dry Epoxy Mr.Nolas

Speed Dry Epoxy Mr.Nolas

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*******tips and flip tops are sold separately ****


 Looking for that oh so thick and glossy topcoat that adorns the surface of your favorite trend worthy tumblers? Need that look yourself, but are in a rush, then you have found your secret weapon. It’s totally doable with Mr. Nola’s Glitter Speed-Dry Epoxy. 


We have worked diligently with our manufacturer Marabu, who have gone above and beyond, industry standards to formulate and certify our epoxy for use in your home and craft rooms.   


Mr. Nola's Glitter Speed-Dry Epoxy is ASTM D-4236 Certified*. 


Mr. Nola’s Glitter Speed-Dry Epoxy


Mr. Nola’s Glitter is proud to introduce our easy to use, low odor, professional-grade quick curing epoxy. As a “Maker” it was extremely important to Mrs. Nola to ensure that Mr. Nola’s Glitter Speed-Dry Epoxy was formulated to be the best quick curing epoxy for all types of tumblers. It was important that it could be used as a final coat. We knew that curating our very own quick curing epoxy was the only way to help ensure every color, glitter, and detail on your beautiful tumbler is showcased to its’ full potential. Since longevity of a custom tumbler is always a concern, we got you covered! Mr. Nola’s Glitter Speed-Dry Epoxy was engineered with UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing and provide long-term clarity and best of all it cures to a tough durable scratch resistant finish. Mr. Nola’s Glitter Speed-Dry Epoxy is dry to the touch in 2 hours and makes it perfect for the busiest of days when time may not be on your side. And best of all, CAN be used as your final coat. 


Mr. Nola’s Glitter Speed-Dry Epoxy is great for layering and can be used as a final coat for your tumblers to protect and enhance decals, glitter, Marabu Easy Marble®, alcohol inks, geodes, wood grains, and more! 


FDA compliant Resin

Conforms to ASTM D-4236

Dry in 2-4 hours

Full Cure in 72 hours

Work Time 10-15 minutes

Ultra Clear 


Medium Viscosity

Tough Protective Coating



Ideal For Layering


Low Odor

VOC Free

Heat Rated to 500 Degrees





Mix ratio is 1:1. Mix one Part A (resin) to one Part B (hardener). Pour equal amounts of Part A and Part B into a flat-bottomed mixing container. Mix gently, stirring in one direction, while scraping bottom and sides of mixing container to ensure a complete mixture. Mix for 1-2 minutes or until mixture is clear. Pour immediately on your tumbler. Recommended working temperature should be above 73°F, and less than 60% humidity.


Due to the shorter work-time, the mixture will heat up and start to cure quickly and is not recommended for use with silicone molds.


Uncured resin cleans easily with acetone.


Pint set includes one 8oz bottle of Part A and one 8oz bottle of Part B= 16oz of Mixed Product 


Quart set includes one 16oz bottle of Part A and one 16oz bottle of Part B= 32oz of Mixed Product 


Half-Gallon set includes one 32oz bottle of Part A and one 32oz bottle of Part B= 64zo of Mixed Product


One-Gallon set includes one 64oz bottle of Part A and one 64oz bottle of Part B=120oz of Mixed Product 




*ASTM D-4236




The American Society for Testing and Materials sets worldwide standards that help to improve performance and instill confidence in the safety of products around the world. ASTM D-4236 is specifically a federally regulated standard for the labeling of art materials for chronic health hazards. Any art material that is intended for home use, must be evaluated by a board-certified toxicologist for any potential threats the material may pose. If a product contains any material that is known to be dangerous in any way, the product must bear appropriate warnings.  


After being evaluated, Mr. Nola’s Glitter Speed- Dry Epoxy and Mr. Nola’s Glitter Glass-Coat Epoxy, was found to conform to ASTM D-4236 when used as directed. This is great news for our customers, now pass a good time and get Creative!






Please make sure that you protect yourself against inherent threats and make that switch to a product that has been extensively evaluated and tested like ours ♥

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