Make everyday Sparkle!

Custom projects and DIY supplies to crystallize, bling, bedazzle, rhinestone or even strass from world renowned Master Artists and inventors of the quadruple patented Crystal Katana tool at CrystalNinja.

United States Patents: 10,308,005 & 10,675,852 with Design patents D867,838 and D867,839.

The Worlds Best!

The CrystalNinja


Our award winning team is here to design, create and provide you with proven options for gluing embellishments of any kind onto anything you can dream of for corporate or consumer projects! We offer the highest grade adhesives and were exclusive to Swarovski Crystals for over 15 years, becoming the worlds only team to earn titles of "Swarovski Authorized Instructor" (program dissolved 2020) and "Swarovski Authorized Application Center" 2016 to present. We are also the inventor and manufacturer of the triple UNITED STATES PATENTED Crystal Katana tool. US 10,308,005 D867,838 and D867,839.  

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Private Studio in National City, CA

The Crystal Ninja production studio and dojo is located in the southern San Diego area and we do not have a store front open to the public. 

Clients are by appointment only.

Mailing Only: 3755 Avocado Blvd #297, La Mesa, CA 91941