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Plastic Snap Storage Pots



Whenever CrystalNinja comes out with a new Swarovski Crystal Assortment, we put them in small convenient easy snap plastic pots for our customers' convenience, organization, and enjoyment. Then a very good customer asked, are these available by themselves for purchase? We replied no, they were not ... Until now! 

Organize all of your small Swarovski crystals, decorations, and adornments in these sturdy little snap shut pots.

The equivalence of 10gram / 10ml / or .34oz. Only 85 cents each!

Buy 4 get a 5th one FREE

love these
Posted 12th Apr 2017 by Jessica ros

love these especially to travel

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Stock 37
Height 1.00
Width 1.00
Depth 1.00
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Plastic Snap Storage Pots
Plastic Snap Storage Pots
Plastic Snap Storage Pots