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Master Glue Kit

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We have put it all in ONE Box for you. Our top 2 Glues: e6000 and GEMTAC, 10 Syringes, 2 sizes of 10 Syringe tips, a Crystal Ninja Work Mat, Alcohol Pads, and a Squeeze Bottle with Precision Metal tip all ready to go with Gemtac Glue inside!

How to load Solvent based glues in a syringe: First 30 seconds:


Wonderful product, fast shipping.
Posted 29th Jan 2017 by Karen Carney

I love this kit! You get plenty of glue as well as syringes. I'm a cheap skate and reuse the syringes until I can't anymore. I love that the mat was included. Wonderful kit. I ordered this product and received it faster than I thought, within 3 days.

Best for beginners
Posted 16th Sep 2016 by Naeema

If you cant decide what to buy first BUY THIS!! Everything is in here Its perfecto!!

Great package
Posted 7th Aug 2016 by undefined

Great package enough products supplies for my projects!

Posted 12th Apr 2016 by Jennifer Scarfia

Perfect amount of everything!

Decent package, late and expensive delivery
Posted 11th Nov 2014 by Amir

I wanted to try both the Glues (E6000 and Gem tac) along with its application tools, so I decided to go for this package. So let me begin with the E6000.. The syringes are ok, but it would be nice if it came with an add on precision tip as well so I wouldn't have to constantly waste the syringes each time I start a new project. They add to cost and creates waste. The Gem tac glue did come with a precision tip on top of the glue, however the tip was jammed and no glue could come out. I tried poking a hole with a safety pin but it wouldn't go in. After several attempts I gave up, because I thought I would just end up damaging the tip and the glue would spill out. This was a defective product ! Apart from the glues, I was very disappointed with the overall delivery. I live in Southeast Asia and I purchased several products from Amazon on the same day I purchased this package from crystal Ninja. Here is my comparison of the two. My experience with Amazon: I paid $4-5 to ship through USPS Estimated delivery: 15 days minimum Actual delivery: 9 days Product Quality: Constructively packaged and product works as stated. Experience with Crystal Ninja: Paid $30 for delivery through USPS Estimated Delivery: 8-10 days Actual delivery: 16 days Product quality: Package/box was damaged and I was left with some defected products. Your customer service says Amazon gets better rates for delivery, but $30 to ship through USPS (a mailing service) is ridiculous. I paid $20 through FedEx for a similarly sized item. Dissatisfied Buyer.

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Master Glue Kit