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Crystal Ninja Precision Glue Bottle w/Tip & Pin, NO Glue


Crystal Ninja Precision Glue Bottle with Metal Tip. Glue Not Included. Holds 1oz. Now you can precisely use water based glues with ease. Use this bottle and refill as needed. You can keep your Water based glues in this bottle for months. Tip does not rust. Keep your clog pin in a safe place - they are very tiny and easy to lose.

Tip: keep your bottle on its side so you don't have to wait so long for glue to come out. (the glue will not leak out) Also helps air bubbles from getting in the way.

gem tac
Posted 3rd Mar 2018 by Colette

This bottle is the perfect size and the tip is amazing.

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Stock 99
Height 5.75
Width 3.75
Depth 1.00
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Precision Glue Bottle