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Crystal Katana




Improve your "blinging" skills! The Crystal Katana by CrystalNinja was created by award winning Flatback Specialist and master user, Kellie DeFries and proven to shave time off the process of hand setting-gluing Swarovski Flatbacks, ss3-ss40. Do you use regular beeswax for transferring your light objects? You'll find that it's too soft and leaves wax residue on your application surface. Tweezers cramp your hands and fling crystals across the room! Ouch! Someone's going to poke their eye out!  Do other china markers or grease pens break, chip, and leave extra residue on crystals? Have you noticed the taller, sharper table facet of the later issued Swarovski Elements shredding other pickers and tips to smithereens?  The answer to all of this madness is the Crystal Katana BY the Crystal Ninja!

Posted 15th May 2018 by Porsha

I cannot get enough of my Crystal Katana. Its been very helpful in creating cake patterns much easier.

I love this thing!
Posted 28th Nov 2017 by Michelle

I bought this thinking I wouldn't use it very often but it's amazing and it makes me want to put rhinestones on every nail I do!! Even if you only do a few rhinestones now and then it is completely worth it! It takes the hassle out of trying to get the rhinestones from the package to their new nail home!!

not arrived
Posted 24th Oct 2017 by kristy parkes

I haven't received my order even although my tracking is saying it arrived on the 11th Oct? Hi Ms. Parkes, The tracking is in your messages. We also see it shows delivered. Please go to your closest mail office with this information and they may have further records. The tracking is here: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?tRef=fullpage&tLc=2&text28777=&tLabels=LZ146678184US%2C We are very sorry you have not received your item yet and please let me know once you have it. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Best regards, Kellie

great tool
Posted 26th Sep 2017 by undefined

I thought at first my purchase was a bust, the wax tip would NOT pickup my ss20 crystals...I decided to go online and found some advise and tips for using my katana. All I needed to do was warm the tip with my fingers. It's been working like a charm since. It's going to make rhinestoneing my daughters solo costume a breeze!

The best invention!!
Posted 24th Jul 2017 by Noelia Fernandez

I recently purchased a crystal katana and it is amazing and esasy to work with every nail tech needs to have this amazing item!!!

Posted 14th Mar 2017 by Zana

Best product for picking crystals! Adore

Most awesome tool!!!!
Posted 8th Mar 2017 by Maria

I love it. I not only use it to place crystals on my crafts but as a nail tech it helps so much to place stones quickly.

Love It
Posted 19th Feb 2017 by Andrea Gaines

The Katana is as awesome as I thought it would be!

Crystal katana
Posted 6th Feb 2017 by leesa.lsr@gmail.com

Well okay Let me just say this is a awesome tools to use for Rhinestones but. For me I was using pearls on a project and I thought My Crystal Katana would be so help but Noo . This tools is not good to use to pick up Pearls . At lease for me. -------------- Thank you for your feedback. It's interesting as we have many successful users specifically with pearls. We're pretty sure the tool in your possession did not work properly because there was residue on your pearls. We recommend using real pearls or Swarovski pearls for best results. Please email us at info@crystalninja.com if you have any questions. - CN

Crystal Katana
Posted 17th Dec 2016 by undefined

It is a gift for xmas.

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Depth 0.75
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Patent Pending Crystal Katana by Crystal Ninja. Our favorite pick up tool!
Patent Pending Crystal Katana by Crystal Ninja. Our favorite pick up tool!
Patent Pending Crystal Katana by Crystal Ninja. Our favorite pick up tool!
Patent Pending Crystal Katana by Crystal Ninja. Our favorite pick up tool!