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CG 500-35 Two - Component Epoxy


CG 500-35 Two-Component Epoxy Resin Glue is distributed exclusively by Swarovski, and is featured in their instructional videos and publications. This is a two-part glue designed for use with Swarovski Elements, and is especially well-suited for use in the jewelry and accessories, electronics and interior markets. It adheres excellently to materials such as metals, rubbers, synthetics and glass. It’s highly resistant to humidity, chlorine, salt, mechanical stress and UV light. To use, mix equal parts together in a 1:1 ratio for one minute, and it’s recommended to put the mixed glue into a dispenser. 

Further gluing instructions can be found here.

In line with Swarovski’s socially and environmentally responsible practices, the Two-Component Epoxy Resin Glue uses only high-grade ingredients, and is NOT considered Toxic, Explosive, Corrosive, Hazardous or Dangerous for the Environment. Use with adequate ventilation.

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Posted 1st Oct 2015 by gwen

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Height 5.00
Width 3.00
Depth 1.50
Gift Wrapping Options Available
CG 500-35 Two - Component Epoxy