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Assorted tips & Syringes


5pc, Gluing Syringes + 5pc, 14ga tips + 5pc 16g and Newly added 5pc 20g tips for a Great 20 piece Kit. Makes applying many types of Glue very easy. These are 3ml, easy to hold in your hand. 14g & 16G are great for Thick to medium glues, 20G is great for medium to thin glues. Please see our Demo Video to show how. http://www.youtube.com/thecrystalninja

Colors of Luer Loc may vary depending on vendor supplies. How to clean your syringe for re-use: Discard any glue left into the trash. Pull out the plunger and air out. Push a paper clip through the syringe tip and one also into the end of the syringe to push out any leftover glue. Helpful hint: The Ninjas only squeeze in 1 ml of glue at a time.. no need to over fill syringes and waste glue.

How to load a syringe with glue or even Cake Icing too! 

Awesome kit
Posted 16th Sep 2016 by Naeema


Probando cosas nuevas
Posted 10th Sep 2016 by Antonio

Aun no lo he probado

Wow! What a difference a syringe makes
Posted 24th Nov 2014 by Terrie

First let me say Thank You..Great Job on delivery of your products..The syringes are nicely packaged and are a great help with embellishing..Don't know why it took so long for me to try them..Thank You Kellie!

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Assorted Luer Loc Tips and Gluing Syringes