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6 Small Syringe Tips, 20ga


These 20ga Blunt tips will fit securely onto your gluing syringes. This 20ga size is perfect for thinner glues like Gemtac or 2part Epoxy - when larger amounts of glue are needed. please see our Demo Videos: www.youtube.com/thecrystalninja

How to clean your syringe for re-use: Discard any glue left into the trash. Pull out the plunger and air out. Push a paper clip through the syringe tip and one also into the end of the syringe to push out any leftover glue. Helpful hint: The Ninjas only squeeze in 1 ml of glue at a time.. no need to over fill syringes and waste glue.

Cutest tips
Posted 16th Sep 2016 by Naeema

Hehe i love cute things For small rhinestones its best

A must have in your bling kit!
Posted 16th Oct 2015 by Evelyn

These needles are just amazing. I couldn't believe how fast my crystal projects were after ordering the needles and syringes. I used this with an E6000 glue which may have been too thick for such a tiny opening. I had to really push to get it through but it let out the most perfect amount of glue for smaller crystals which is what I tend to use. Wonderful product! I have been nothing but thrilled with all of my items from the Crystal Ninja and I'm always looking for more things to order!!

Great for small stones
Posted 18th Apr 2015 by undefined

Just perfect for getting the right amount of glue. Works great with all syringes

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6 Small Syringe Tips (20ga)
6 Small Syringe Tips (20ga)
6 Small Syringe Tips (20ga)