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5, 3ml Gluing Syringes


5pc, Gluing Syringes. Makes applying many types of glue very easy. These 3ml syringes are easy to hold in your hand. Please see our Demo Video to learn the best way to use this item. http://www.youtube.com/thecrystalninja

How to clean your syringe for re-use: Discard any glue left into the trash. Pull out the plunger and air out. Push a paper clip through the syringe tip and one also into the end of the syringe to push out any leftover glue. Helpful hint: The Ninjas only squeeze in 1 ml of glue at a time.. no need to over fill syringes and waste glue.

A Nessessity
Posted 14th Sep 2017 by Jan

Wouldn't use anything else! These are perfect for small projects and are inexpensive enough to toss after each project.

the best for gluing
Posted 16th May 2017 by mama4x4

did not know they came with an array of tips!! great value

Posted 16th Sep 2016 by Naeema

The first word came out of my mouth after looking at these was "Cute" The caps on the syringes are the cutest factor hehe They do the perfect job!

Posted 5th Aug 2016 by undefined

By reading other reviews. I learned how to reuse my syringes. Beat product ever.

Love love love
Posted 5th Aug 2016 by Erika

Love love love this product. Just wish I could get more than one use out if them.

A definite must have!
Posted 16th Oct 2015 by Evelyn

I work with a lot of smaller swarovski crystals from ss5 to ss12 mainly and my old method of putting a tiny dab of glue with the tip of a toothpick was ridiculous! I would waste a ton of glue and the glue I would pour out would completely dry up after every few crystals. So I decided to order these syringes along with their smallest needle tips. They are both incredible although I may order the medium sized needle next time since it was tough to squeeze the glue out through the teeny opening (although it did give out the most perfect amount). I used a little bit of glue (about .5 on the syringe) and it lasted through my whole project without drying out. After the project I then squeezed out all of the glue and rinsed the pieces and left them to dry. They are good to go for another project! Wonderful product.

Great quality
Posted 21st Sep 2015 by undefined

Great quality products sold here, they will withhold reusing very well. Perfect for small jobs and minimize waste of glue.

Great quality
Posted 18th Apr 2015 by undefined

Great quality, easy to use. Products as expected. Just perfect for small jobs, no wasting glue

Perfect size
Posted 13th Jan 2015 by Liz

These are the perfect size! I don't waste as much glue when I use these.

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5 pack 3ml gluing syringes makes applying those stringy/oozy glues that much easier.
5 pack 3ml gluing syringes makes applying those stringy/oozy glues that much easier.