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25pc Bulk, Medium Syringe Tips, 16ga


These 16ga blunt tips will fit securely onto your gluing syringes and are perfect for thick glues like e6000. please see our Demo Videos: www.youtube.com/thecrystalninja

How to clean your syringe for re-use: Discard any glue left into the trash. Pull out the plunger and air out. Push a paper clip through the syringe tip and one also into the end of the syringe to push out any leftover glue. Helpful hint: The Ninjas only squeeze in 1 ml of glue at a time.. no need to over fill syringes and waste glue.

Posted 16th Sep 2016 by Naeema

One should get all size tips for different rhinestone sizes! these are amazing :)

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Height 4.25
Width 2.75
Depth 0.50
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25pc Bulk, Medium Syringe Tips, 16ga